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Tropical Blue Four Piece Satin Abaya

Tropical Blue Four Piece Satin Abaya

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You can’t go wrong with such a bold yet modestly elegant statement for Eid 😍!

Four piece made from high quality satin material, known for its elegant and sleek look, is exclusively designed for this coming Eid 🙌🏾.


The pairing of the chiffon hijab, butterfly cardigan, and a matching belt adds a luxurious flare that drapes gracefully while simultaneously enhances your silhouette. The flowy yet silky look of the satin exudes a sense of class, while its softness ensures maximum comfort throughout the day.

** Please note: due to manufacturing purposes, it may initially have a distinct odor that some individuals find unpleasant. Please let it hang in a ventilated area and use oud/perfume to get rid of the odor.


  1. Hand Wash or Gentle Cycle: Satin is a delicate fabric, so it is best to hand wash your dress or use a gentle cycle on your washing machine.

  2. Steam and avoid iron and high heat

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